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106 KBZI Myanmar TECHView/ management Info. System
105 KBZI Myanmar PLC service job
104 MAX Myanmar Operator training station
103 MAX Myanmar 4 TV monitors
102 Shaw/Pionier Pakistan Electrical engineering
101 Sin Minn Myanmar TECHLab
100 Sin Minn Myanmar Plant control system software
99 Tasek Malaysia TECHLab Driver
98 Chimborazo Cement Ecuador Coal mill electrical engineering
97 KBZ Myanmar Spare parts
96 MAX Myanmar Spare parts
95 Indarung Indonesia Elictrical supervisor service
94 MAX Myanmar TECHLab
93 LV Chaina Pakistan Electrical engineering pionner
92 MAX Myanmar Supervisor service no. 2
91 Indarung Indonesia Elictrical supervisor service 2
90 MAX Cement Myanmar Contro system commissioning
89 Falcon Bahrain Control system commissioning
88 CIMA Malaysia PP3 server service
87 MAX Cement Myanmar Control system enginering
86 Tasek Malaysia Complete Lab Control software, TECHLab
85 Elizabeth Brazil Supervisor service
84 APODI Brazil Supervisor service
83 Tasek Malaysia Clay crusher IO update
82 CIMA Malaysia Packing plant 1 & 2
81 Tasek Malaysia Cement mill 6 IO upgrade
80 APODI Brazil Additional Stratix 8000
79 Aalborg Portland Malaysia Engineering and Training
78 Kanbawza Myanmar Spare parts
77 Kanbawza Myanmar Additional 250 Historian tags
76 Kanbawza Myanmar Additional IO Card
75 SCG Thailand Truck scale engineering
74 CIMA Malaysia Raw mill 1 control system
73 Elizabeth Brazil 250 display
72 CIMA Malaysia Packing plant 3 supervisor service
71 CIMA Malaysia Packing plant 3
70 APODI Brazil 250 extra display
69 APO Philippines Extra I/O modules
68 Kanbawza Myanmar RQC Rawmix Quality Control
67 Elizabeth Brazil Extra I/O modules
66 Elizabeth Brazil Extra 24 Volt power distribution
65 APODI Brazil Extra 24 Volt power distribution
64 APODI Brazil Extra MCC connection ETAP
63 Alborg Portland Malaysia Extra I/O modules
62 Falcon Bahrain Cement mill control system
61 APODI Brazil Extra E3+ modules
60 SCG Thailand MIS management system
59 CIMA Malaysia Plantguide server at CCR 2
58 Alborg Portland Malaysia Extra IO modules.
57 SCG Thailand Additional I/O cabinet
56 SCG Thailand Extra barcode equipment
55 Elizabeth Brazil Extra communication equipment
54 APODI Brazil Extra communication equipment
53 Elizabeth Brazil Extra communication equipment
52 APODI Brazil Extra equipment
51 SCG Thailand Extra equipment
50 CIMA Malaysia 2 X Client PC
49 SCG Thailand Additional network equipment
48 Tasek Malaysia Service job
47 SCG Thailand SCG touch screen
46 Max Cement Myanmar Plant control system
45 Alborg Portland Malaysia Kiln upgrade
44 APODI Brazil Extra equipment 2
43 Elizabeth Brazil Extra equipment
42 Kanbawza Myanmar Extra equipment
41 SCG Thailand Coal storage, extra
40 CIMA Malaysia QCX extra, Rawmix Quality Control
39 APODI Brazil Extra equipment
38 SCG Thailand Coal storage control system
37 LVT, APODI Brazil RQC
36 APO Philippines Plant control system, Engineering
35 Tasek Malaysia Hydraulics & Lubrication
34 Aalborg/LVT Malaysia Sand mill control system
33 Al-Rashed/LVT Saudi Arabia Cement mill control system
32 CIMA/LVT Malaysia Cement mill 4 Extra
31 APO Philippines Control system upgrade
30 Tasek Malaysia CG1 Siemens ECS Driver
29 CIMA Malaysia Flow-meter and ECS
28 Tasek Malaysia Gigabit network switch
27 LVT, Elizabeth Brazil Plant control system
26 LVT, APODI Brazil APODI plant control system
25 Tasek Malaysia Cement mill POLYCOM
24 LV Technology Thailand Total plant control system
23 NSCI Perlis Malaysia PID service job
22 LV Technology Thailand Control system for cement mill department, Saudi Arabia
21 Tasek Cement Malaysia Z400 Work station
20 Langkawi Malaysia Service job no. 2
19 Langkawi Malaysia Service job
18 CIMA Perlis Malaysia Raw mix Quality Control ( RQC )
17 CIMA Perlis Malaysia Shale crushing control system
16 LV Technology Thailand Cement mill control system
15 Tasek Cement Malaysia Raw mill polycom
14 Tasek Cement Malaysia upgrade control system for cement mill
13 Tasek Cement Malaysia REPOL grate cooler PLC upgrade with IPA-TECH AB FactoryTalk
12 Tasek Cement Malaysia Comzerv Modbus to CCR
11 CIMA Perlis Malaysia SIEMENS system training
10 APO Cement Philippines REPOL grate cooler PLC upgrade with IPA-TECH AB FactoryTalk
9 CIMA Perlis Malaysia Control system upgrade of cement mills
8 LV Technology Thailand MillScan instalation, City Cement, Saudi Arabia
7 Rawang Cement Malaysia Consultancy service
6 CIMA Perlis Malaysia Consultancy service
5 Pacific Cement Philippines ABB drive integration into existing control system
4 LV Technology Thailand MillScan installation at Solid Cement, Philippines
3 Tasek Malaysia Consultancy for control system setup at Tasek Cement
2 CIMA Perlis Malaysia Implementation of Bridge communication into existing control system
1 LV Technology Thailand System Integrater agreement for MillScan