I.P.A Technologies Co., Ltd.

Driven by a passion for excellence in automation and technology


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IPA Technologies product solutions are to provide the cement industrial customers a quality automation system solution that are at a competitive price level compared to our rivals.

With today's growing market we foresee that our products and engineering services requires a gearing solution that meets our customer's requirements and financial capacity.

In particular we focus greatly on the automation of cement plant process controls to produce a concentrated and confident engineering product that our customers depend on.

Thus, for IPA Technologies, we guarantee that our products and services are the solution for the automation of tomorrows industry.

Our Products

With a combination of technologies from the brand companies and our close ties and professional experiences with the cement industries, we are able to implant the IPA Technologies core engineering and design solutions as the foundation for success.

Therefore our final product of system integration, software from licensed partners, and our engineering design and toolbox concept results in a solid solution which are comparable, unique and cost competitive.