I.P.A Technologies Co., Ltd.

Driven by a passion for excellence in automation and technology


The IPA Technologies management team comprise 3 core individuals, who were responsible for setting up the organization in Bangkok Thailand.

Michael Ruby Lauritsen - Managing Director
Responsible for the general running operations of the company as well as the sales and consulting to the Cement Industry.
E-mail: michael.lauritsen@ipa-technologies.com
Jørgen Christiansen - Deputy Managing Director (Engineering department)
Responsible for engineering department and development as well as sales and consulting to the Cement Industry.
E-mail: Jorgen.christiansen@ipa-technologies.com
Khun Saowarin Wansuk - Deputy Managing Director (Administration & Human Resources)
Responsible for all administration and Human resource related issues of the business.
E-mail: saowarin.wansuk@ipa-technologies.com